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I'm new to Revolution what do I need to know?

We offer a variety of fun and energetic classes that range from Spinning, Indo-Row, Core Barre, Yoga and Strength Training.  We also offer TRX and Pilates classes.  All of our classes are 45 - 60 minutes long, unless specified.  Be prepared to sweat!  

Is my first class at Revolution Fitness free?

Your first class with us at Revolution Fitness is not free.  Instead we offer a $99 30 Day Unlimited package to all new students.  Due to our diverse range of classes, we don’t think you will get a full feel for the studio based off of one visit.  If you a purchase a universal single class for $25, it can be put towards the purchase of a $99 30 Day Unlimited when you chose to upgrade after your first class.

Where can I park?

There is plenty of free 2 hour parking on 12th and Euclid.  Just make sure you read the signs for street cleaning! (Thursdays and Fridays).  There are also meters right in front.  After you park just walk thru the Courtyard to Revolution.

Do we have Spinning shoes?

Yes for $3, unless you are a new student doing the Intro month, then your shoes are free!

How about towels?

Yes we have hand towels, however we suggest you bring bath towels if you plan to take a shower.

Do we have showers?

Yes! one woman's, one mens.

Do you sell water?

Yes for $2 we have water.  We also have filtered waters to fill up your water bottles!

What kind of bikes do you have?

The majority of our bikes are the brand new Schwinn Carbon Blues.  We still have a few StarTrec Blades for some of our veteran spinners who love this bike! All of our bikes accommodate Look and SPD cleats.

What should I wear?

Come prepared to sweat! Leggings, or bike shorts are perfect for Spinning classes.  Yoga pants and athletic shoes are great for strength training and rowing classes. Yoga and barre classes are done barefooted.

I am so out of shape, what classes do you recommend?  

All of our spinning classes are taught by very talented and qualified instructors that will push the class, however, will not push or humiliate you individually!  The class is a guideline, but ultimately you can choose how hard you want to push.  Sitting in the saddle and rolling your legs till you catch your breath is perfectly acceptable and encouraged!  For more detailed information on each class and if it is suitable for you please contact our manager at

Some spinning classes get so hot, do you have AC?

Yes!!!  We have a state of the art air conditioner/purifying system that runs all day! However, you will still sweat!  Difference is, you earned it!

What if I need to cancel or I don’t show up for my class?You have up to 3 hours before any universal class to cancel without a charge.  If you cancel after that 3 hour window you will be charged $25 if you are on the $99 30 Days Unlimited, or you will lose your class if you are on a regular package. All Pilates and TRX classes have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  As a courtesy to other students, if you know you will not make it please still contact the studio so we know there is an open spot.

How many calories will I burn during a 50 minute Spin class or Indo-Row class?

Anywhere from 500-800!

What credit cards do you accept?

We take MC and Visa( NOT American Express)

What if I bring a friend what is your referral program?

If you bring a friend and they love Revolution like you and sign up for the 30 day intro or purchase any other package then your class is FREE!!!



1211 Montana Ave Santa Monica CA, 90403    (310) 393-6399