Revolution Fitness

2 Week Intro


2 Week Unlimited Intro

New to revolution? welcome! Try all of the amazing classes below,
as many as you can handle, for 2 weeks!   

Spin Class


Get the perfect dose of cardio and strength! Hop on a specially-designed stationary bike that mimics a ride outside, rain or shine! Saddle up and clip into our 50-minute inspiring journey, pedaling along to high energy music as the instructor guides you through hills, sprints and jumps.


Strength training

We combine cardio AND strength to bring your body results. Our resistance circuit-training builds stamina, strengthens bones and prevents injury. If you’re a “cardio-junkie”, exceed goals and torch more calories in your spin class...why? You’re STRONGER! Science proves that the best training incorporates both cardio and strength exercises, longevity is the key!   


Indo Row

Revolution Fitness is the original home of Indo-Row™via creator Josh Crosby; he teaches many of our classes, recruiting only the best instructors.



Experience the fusion of strength, flexibility, and balance with this dynamic 50-minute flow series. Regular yoga practice can help reduce your risk of injury and prevent muscular imbalances associated with over training. Bonus: Yoga enhances your sport performance, improve posture/alignment, and perfect your spin form with yoga. Yogi virgins welcome!