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This Thanksgiving: Stay Fit, Eat Happy and IGNORE the Internet!

Let’s be honest, the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving are stressful. You’re a little on edge and a little frazzled, but you don’t even know why. Strangers are annoying you and your headspace is totally out of whack. You may even love hosting extended family, (who are you and can you host mine?), but that doesn’t mean you should forget “me time.” 

This Thanksgiving, try a little dose of self-love, with three useful ideas.

1. Stay Fit!

Now is not the time to pickup a new workout routine. Don’t put added pressure on yourself to workout twice as long or stress yourself out with things you’re not doing. Instead, take a 20-minute morning jog, a nice walk around the neighborhood with a family member, or hop into that fun high-energy spin class you love so much. That peaceful time out of your house could be just what you need to settle into the holidays. Pop into Revolution Thursday through Sunday—we have bikes waiting for you!

2. Eat Happy!

These two words go together like mashed and potatoes! The best part about “eating happy” is that you indulge based on your terms. If you want two pieces of pie…have them. When you eat for you, and you eat happily, you’ll find yourself less indulgent and more content. Ditch the traditional pie recipe this year and try Pumpkin-Chia pudding. This is great for that sweet tooth and Black Friday breakfast! It’s paleo, low carb and totally guilt free ☺

3. Ignore the Internet!

You know you’ve been scrolling headlines like crazy after this election. You know you’ve been trolling Facebook and Instagram and feeling a little peeved at unappealing posts from people with opposite opinions. Thanksgiving is for family; it’s not time to let social media control your anger. Put down the phone, turn off the laptop and enjoy some games with your kids, your siblings, your parents and your friends. How often do you have the entire family in one place doing the most American thing possible: eating too much and giving thanks while bantering. Obviously you’ll need to snap a picture when crazy Uncle Ned gets his head stuck in the turkey, but you’ll appreciate the live version way more than the photo!

Happy Thanksgiving from our Rev Family to yours-- See you after the break!