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Experience the fusion of strength, flexibility, and balance with this dynamic 50-minute flow series. Regular yoga practice can help reduce your risk of injury and prevent muscular imbalances associated with over training. Bonus: Yoga enhances your sport performance, improve posture/alignment, and perfect your spin form with yoga. Yogi virgins welcome!


Also called Taoist Yoga, this discipline employs holding poses much longer than traditional yoga. It facilitates deep stretching of connective tissue giving permanent sustained results. This class will focus primarily on opening the hips. Great for athletes and beginners alike!

Kids Yoga

We usually don’t think our daily stresses influence our kids, but they do! Yoga can help counter these pressures, teaching children about techniques for self-health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment! Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness in a physical, noncompetitive environment. We foster cooperation and compassion, kids will learn yoga poses, as well as the value of inner peace and community.

Sculpt Yoga

Vinyasa flow yoga with a twist! Take your practice to the next level and tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Using free weights in our FLOW Yoga sequence will build your strength, endurance and boost your metabolism. Expect lunges, squats plus arm, chest and shoulder strengtheners to develop lean muscle mass while creating resistance and power in yoga postures. A total body workout!

Flow Yoga

This class is for all levels -- beginners and experienced yoga students. In this vinyasa flow class, focus is placed on precise body alignment, breath awareness and fluid movement. Flow yoga does it all- upper body, abs, hips and spine elongation! Stretch and tone your whole body in this class!